Mid Back Pain

"How You Can Reduce Your Mid Back Pain With Chiropractic Care."

The Cause 

Mid-back pain has many causes.  Most mid-back pain that I see is caused from stress: postural and emotional.  Patients like you may carry there stress there due to the demands of life. 

Just like with neck pain and headaches, posture plays a big role in the mid-back.  If you look at yourself and other people, you may notice how you slump your shoulders forward.  This position of the shoulder puts strain on the mid-back because it stretches the shoulder blades forward.  Look at the picture below: 

Upper Crossed Syndrome 

This is called upper crossed syndrome.  As you can see over tight chest muscles and upper shoulder muscles can lead to too much stress on your spine in the mid-back and neck.  Professor Janda saw this posture in many of his patients that came in with chronic headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and mid-back pain.  

Taking pain pills may help for a period of time.  But until you correct the joint restriction and retrain your posture, you will continue to battle this problem.  

Emotional stress plays a big role as well.  Learning how to cope through exercise, sleeping well, prayer, and having healthy social life all play a big role.  


Dr. Dingsor starts first with identifying the joint restrictions in your spine first.  Once the restrictions have been cleared from your spine, he then teaches you stretches and postural exercises to keep the area cleared out for as long as possible.  If you work at a job that involves office work or bending over, you may need a periodic treatment in your spine to keep the joints moving freely.   

By combing effective adjusting techniques along with you doing your exercises helps eliminate most of the common mid-back pain problems we see.