Back Pain Treatment in Watertown

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

If you are living with chronic back pain then chiropractic care in Watertown might be a good treatment option. Majority of low back pain is caused by three things: trauma, repetitive stress, and postural stress. The three major causes lead to inflammation in the joints and muscles leading to a joint restriction. Chiropractic frees this restriction through an adjustment where the patient may feel a "pop". Once motion is restored and inflammation is reduced the patient is started on rehab to maintain good posture and rebuild the muscles.

"I have had severe back pain for the past month and a half. Dr. Dingsor helped me with my pain and he adjusted my hips. He has made me feel like a million bucks. He is also very knowledgeable. I will always come back to him if have any other problems in the future. Thanks doc."

- Misty M.

“I suffered from middle and lower back pain that affected my sleep and golf swing. After just a few visits with Dr. Bryan Dingsor I was pain free and back on the golf course again. This is the best my back has felt in years. Thank you Dr. Dingsor for giving me my golf swing back.”

- Scott P.

Disc Bulge/Herniation

Exam and diagnosis are a must in confirming a disc bulge. MRI may be necessary after four weeks of care if no progress is made. Conservative care is best for the first three months of care unless patient is having unremitting pain. Anti-inflammatories may be prescribed through patients physician. The patient's spine is treated via traction and proper postural advice to reduce pressure on the disc. Once the disc has stabilized, the patient is progressed to a core stability program. 80% of our disc patients are out of pain in less than four weeks.

Athletic Injuries

Proper diagnosis is made to confirm what tissue is causing the pain. X-rays or MRI may be necessary. Patient is progressed beyond a laypersons rehab to get him/her back into their sport with a strength and conditioning program.


Patient is started on a course of flexion and distraction to reduce pressure on the spine. Patient is taught spinal "flossing" exercises to reduce neural tension Once pain has reduced, we start patient on a rehab program to reduce tension on the low back.

Sacroiliac Joint

Patient usually experiences pain on the left or right side of the low back. Sitting usually increases the pain and the pain can refer into either buttock. Non-threatening condition that is easily treated in one to two weeks. Once patient has stablized, they are taught specific exercises that stabilize the SI joint.

Mid Back Pain

Mid-back pain has many causes. Most mid-back pain that I see is caused from stress: postural and emotional. Patients like you may carry there stress there due to the demands of life. Just like with neck pain and headaches, posture plays a big role in the mid-back. If you look at yourself and other people, you may notice how you slump your shoulders forward. This position of the shoulder puts strain on the mid-back because it stretches the shoulder blades forward.

Upper Crossed Syndrome

This is called upper crossed syndrome. As you can see, over tight chest muscles and upper shoulder muscles can lead to too much stress on your spine in the mid-back and neck. Our chiropractor saw this posture in many of his patients that came in with chronic headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and mid-back pain. Taking pain pills may help for a period of time. But until you correct the joint restriction and retrain your posture, you will continue to battle this problem. Emotional stress plays a big role as well. Learning how to cope through exercise, sleeping well, prayer, and having a healthy social life all play a big role.


Dr. Dingsor starts first with identifying the joint restrictions in your spine first. Once the restrictions have been cleared from your spine, he then teaches you stretches and postural exercises to keep the area cleared out for as long as possible. If you work at a job that involves office work or bending over, you may need a periodic treatment in your spine to keep the joints moving freely. By combining effective adjusting techniques along with you doing your exercises helps eliminate most of the common mid-back pain problems we see.

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