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Chiropractor Watertown SD Bryan Dingsor


Bryan Dingsor D.C., ART, SASTM

Dr. Dingsor provides a vast array of adjusting and soft tissue techniques to help a wide array of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems. He is proficient at treating many of the common problems that affect the every day worker and athlete like: tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis and tears, heel spurs, ankle sprains, disc injuries, whiplash, and many other soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Dingsor stays up to date by attending seminars beyond what is required for keeping state licensing. He attends seminars on rehab, sports injuries, nutrition, and newer soft tissue techniques to help his patients get better faster and have longer lasting results. He is an Active Release Technique Provider and a Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Provider.


  • Suma Cum Laude Graduate in Biology from South Dakota State University 2000
  • Cum Laude Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis 2003
  • Active Release Certification in Lower Extremity and Spine in 2002
  • Active Release Certification in Upper Extremity 2004 (
  • Craig Liebenson’s Advanced Training in Rehab St. Louis 2003
  • Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Training 2005
  • Training With Warren Hammer 2006
  • Rehab Summit with Craig Liebenson and Stuart McGill 2007

Techniques Employed:

  • Diversified Adjusting Technique
  • Motional Palpation Technique
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • Active Release Technique
  • Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Rehab Exercise Protocols
  • TMJ Treatment Protocols

Personal Interests

Away from work, Dr. Dingsor enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, riding his road bike, working out, hunting, reading, and cross-country skiing. Being a local resident Dr. Dingsor enjoys cheering on the Minnesota Vikings, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and the Minnesota Twins.

Chiropractic Watertown SD Shawna Meet Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Shawna Dolney

Shawna specializes in performing therapies at Watertown Chiropractic. She works with our patients performing shockwave therapy (for plantar fasciitis), laser therapy, electrical stimulation, and cervical and lumbar traction. She also teaches our patients rehab exercises to improve their strength and endurance to prevent conditions from flaring up in the future. She resides in Watertown, SD and married to Tom Dolney.

Chiropractic Watertown SD Michelle Schutte

Office Manager/Insurance

Michelle Schutte

Michelle has many years of experience in medical billings and records. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, billing questions, or payment plans; please contact Michelle at

Chiropractic Watertown SD Mrs. Dungsor

Business Manager

Jen Dingsor


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