Hip Bursitis Pain

Hip Bursitis Pain in Watertown

Chiropractic Watertown SD Hip Bursitis Pain

I have been diagnosed with hip bursitis in Watertown and my doctor recommends a cortisone shot, is he/she correct in recommending this?

The odds of having hip bursitis are very low. Hip bursitis causes only 10% of pain on the side of the hip. Most lateral hip pain is caused by tendonitis or tendonsis of the g. medius or g. minimus tendons.

Most doctors do not tell you that getting repeated cortisone shots weaken tendons and ligaments in the area of the injection, so you’re increasing your risk of tearing an already weakened tendon when you get a shot.

What are the signs and symptoms of Gluteal Tendinopathy?

  1. You have pain on the side of your hip
  2. Hip pain is worse during side lying on the affected side
  3. Your pain increases while going up or down stairs and during long periods of standing
  4. You have increased pain with pushing into the side of the hip
  5. You struggle with sleep or have nighttime pain

What is not Gluteal Tendinopathy but can cause lateral hip pain in Watertown?

  1. Lumbar disc bulge, facet joint inflammation, and lumbar stenosis can all cause referral into the hip. This presentation can confuse both the patient and doctor. A thorough exam and history will tease out which diagnosis should be applied. For instance, lumbar disc referral to the hip/buttock region is worse when the patient is sitting for longer periods of time and with repeated bending or lumbar flexion.
  2. Lumbar stenosis will cause more referral to the hip region with extended periods of stand or with walking for longer distances. Patients in this diagnostic category tend to be over 70 years old or older and have relief with sitting or bending.
  3. Superior cluneal nerve entrapment: this problem can cause a generalized ache over the entire side and back of the hip. These small superficial nerves can get “caught” or entrapped as they enter the buttock region from above near the sacroiliac joint.

What are your treatment options for Gluteal Tendonopathy?

This condition is treated with a multimodal treatment in our Watertown Chiropractic office. Dr. Dingsor applies the following treatments to the region depending upon what is found upon the exam:

  1. Radial Shockwave Therapy: this technique breaks down the fibrous scar tissue around the tendon and muscle region . This technique stimulates new blood vessel formation into the tendon and stimulates collagen production to produce new and healthy tendon. Many patients see 80% resolution of symptoms in 3-6 sessions.
  2. Manipulation to restricted joints: Many patients have poor joint mechanics above or below the hip. So mobility is improved above and below the hip region to take load off of the hip. Many people who are hyperpronators (flat feet) need to have this corrected to maintain improvement. So many of our patients are prescribed a an inexpensive over the counter orthotic. Most orthotics (which cost in excess of $300) are unnecessary.
  3. At –home rehab program: the patient will be give a flow of 2-5 exercises to improve their strength in the hip muscles and core muscles once the tendon has settled down and has started to repair.

About Dr. Dingsor and Watertown Chiropractic: Dr. Dingsor’s goal is to get his patients out of pain as quickly as possible and then improve his patients strength and resilience to prevent the problem from coming back. He enjoys dispelling the myths and poor care that is given in todays healthcare environment. He believes that patients should be informed of their options before resorting to unnecessary imaging, injections, or surgery. Just because you have been given a diagnosis from your doctor based on an image does not necessarily mean that that is correct. Many hip pain and other back pain conditions are misdiagnosed early on and the patient gets delayed care and goes down a path of spending a lot of money and pain without getting to the bottom of their problem. Dr. Dingsor cares for his patients and will refer to local physical therapists or surgeons if it’s needed. He only wants his patients to seek the best care and not waste their time in chiropractic offices that do not diagnose and treat.


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